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Ryanair | Mobile Captain


Location Italy

Salary €0.00 - €199 per hour

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Nick Wall

Ryanair | Mobile Captain

Ryanair, Europe's favourite airline, are looking to recruit Boeing 737 Type Rated Captains as well as Non Rated experienced Captains for B737 command positions across Europe. With 86+ bases in 33 countries, Ryanair has the most extensive network allowing pilots the opportunity to live in a Country where they want to be! Ryanair currently have 430 aircraft in their fleet and this will grow to 585 by 2024 and as a result they have opportunities for Captains who want to join a forward thinking, financially secure Airline.

What We Can Offer You!

  • Outstanding earnings potential - Floating Captains earn €199 per scheduled block hour flown. (Average of 850 flown annually = €169,150 before tax)
  • The best roster in the business, stable 5 on 5 off pattern.
  • Unrivalled career progression - new aircraft and bases create opportunities for promotion to LTC, TRE, Base Captain, etc.
  • Job security
  • Industry leading training
  • New modern fleet - made up entirely of next generation Boeing 737-800s with an average age of five years, with Boeing 737 Max 200's arriving in 2019.

What We Require From You!

  • EU Passport
  • Date of Birth - (Not over 65)
  • Licence Type - a) EASA Part FCL b) JAR FCL c) National Licence compliant with ICAO standards Note: c) Will require IAA validation - (Some national licences will not be accepted by the IAA).
  • Validity of Licence - (Must be valid. Applies to JAR-FCL and National Licences.)
  • Validity of Medical - Must hold a valid EU (Part-MED) issued Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Minimum 3,500 hours total flying time (All Applications)
  • Minimum of 2,000 hours on a Multi-crew, Multi-engine aircraft weighing in excess of 30,000kg MTOW with an established airline.(All Applications)
  • Minimum of 800 hours Pilot in Command (PIC) on a Multi-crew, Multi-engine jet aircraft weighing in excess of 30,000kg. (No PIC hours on Turboprop aircraft shall be considered). (Non-Rated Application)
  • Minimum 500 hours PIC on the B737-300 to 900 series.(Rated Application)
  • For JAA & EASA licence holders the application must be made within 36 months of the most recent B737 300-900 "Valid Until" date specified in Section XII "Certificate of Revalidation". i.e. the B737 300-900 Rating must not have expired for longer than 3 years at the intended (OCC) course commencement date.
  • English Language Proficiency - minimum required proficiency Level is Operational Level (Level 4). (Written proficiency is required at Operational level). (Reference: ICAO Doc 9835).
  • Must have operated on B737 300-900 as Commander within the 36 months prior to the course start date. (Rated Application)

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