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MEP Pilot | DA42 | Unique Flying Operation | Nottingham

Ref J1206

Location Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Salary Competitive salary

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Jamie Janner

MEP Pilot | DA42 | Unique Flying Operation | Nottingham

McGinley Aviation is partnered with a full-service provider of bespoke airborne sensing solutions including ISR, Aerial Survey and Flight Calibration. Based in Gamston.

Whilst flying out of the UK, current areas of operation are Europe, North/Central Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Most of the flying is Single Pilot. Pilots can expect to be tasked with taking an Aircraft Single Pilot to a location possibly thousands of miles away, so you should feel comfortable with this after training.


  • EASA CPL or ATPL with MEP/IR
  • EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • European Passport with unrestricted travel, with the right to live and work in the UK
  • European Driving Licence
  • 500hrs Total Time (Aeroplanes)
  • 250hrs PIC in Command Time (40 PIC hrs MEP)
  • 50hrs IFR
  • 15hrs Night

Operations include but are not limited to:

  • Govt work
  • Medical Flights
  • Dangerous Goods transportation
  • ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance)
  • Flight Inspection and Calibration/Aerial Survey/Search and Rescue.


  • Pilots can be expected to be away for 3 weeks 3-1 roster.
  • Upon returning to the UK, Crew can expect 7 days off
  • 3 weeks roster visibility - leave to be used to secure days off
  • Fixed roster pattern will be implemented at full Crew stage
  • Infrequent flying to some conflict zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan (up to twice a year)
  • Client's safety department hold risk assessments and will implement mitigations to those risks. Pilots are housed in secure accommodation, normally within the airfield boundaries with armed security.
  • Office duties may be required when not flying such as flight planning and preparing aircraft
  • Training expected to take 4-6 weeks depending on experience


  • Starting salary of £30,000 (Salary uplift after 2 years to £35,000) - Earnings in the region of £40,000-£45,000 in year 1-2 and after 2 years £45,000-£50,000 including per diems and allowances
  • Accommodation/transport provided when deployed
  • Flying pay is £10 per hour. Away from base allowance depends on the country but the 3 levels are £25, £60 and £100 per day depending on location. Subsistence is £30 per day.
  • Illness cover whilst abroad

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