The clocks have been set back, the wood fires are in full operation, and Christmas is fast approaching. But fear not! There’s plenty of time to book you and your loved ones a magical trip to foreign lands for this year’s Christmas.

As Aviation experts, we know a thing or two about spending Christmas abroad. Here are our top tips for anyone looking to book a festive jaunt to somewhere outside of the UK.

Prague (pictured above)

Why Prague? Simply put, Prague is a pretty magical place all year round – but during Christmas iconic landmarks like the Charles Bridge, the St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Baroque & Gothic architecture of Mala Strana look breath taking in the snow! The decorations across the squares of Prague set the bar very high for any city attempting to compete in the ‘Best Christmas Destination’ category, and are worth the trip alone. Prague is also a fantastic destination if you’re on a modest budget for your trip.


Why Finland? Known as the European Capital of Christmas, Finland is a hugely popular location for Christmas, especially where young families are concerned. The climate ensures that the country is encased in a blanket of snow for most of the winter season, making it a good bet for a white Christmas.

The Urho Kekkonen National is just a 90-minute flight from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and is a genuine winter paradise!

Most importantly, Lapland – in the Northern half of Finland, plays host to the Santa Claus Village, possibly the most iconic Christmas destination in Europe!


Why Florida? If you’re looking for a slightly warmer Christmas break compared to our European options, then Florida might just be the best option for you.

In particular, Key West – just off of the South tip of Florida, has a beautiful climate, stunning beaches, and lots of very merry people of whom to share your Christmas with. Celebrations are usually very festive (even if the temperatures aren’t), and the decorations are expectantly very decadent!

Nurembourg, Germany

Why Nurembourg? The Germans really know how to deal with cold weather. Gluhwein, big furry hats, excellent Christmas markets, and very jolly people – the German culture has well and truly mastered how to get into the Christmas spirit.

Nuremborug in particular transforms itself into a Christmas wonderland, playing host to possibly the best German Christmas market anywhere, with 200 vendors putting on show stopping displays that will leave you glowing!

New York City

Why New York City? The American decadence and appreciation for Christmas can be seen no greater than in New York, where a 100 foot Norway Spruce tree complete with 30,000 lights attached to 5 miles of wiring (and topped with a 550lb star), really sets the precedent for Christmas celebrations anywhere in the world.

In December, New York City experiences proper festive temperatures (below freezing most of the time!), make sure you wrap up warm before you leave the comfort of your hotel room! However, we’re confident that you’ll be warmed yp by the super-friendly atmosphere found across the city during the festive period, and the endless list of Christmassy events that take place throughout December.

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